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The Berry Team

The Berry Team

The research team at Berry & Associates is comprised of dedicated, professional chemists who together possess a diverse background from both academic and industrial settings. Our credentials include over 400 publications and 80 patents in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. This synthetic expertise allows us to provide solutions for your chemical challenges in all areas of nucleoside, nucleotide, nucleic acid, carbohydrate, and heterocyclic chemistry.


Dr. David A. Berry, founded the company in 1988 after having received his Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry under Dr. Leroy Townsend at the University of Michigan. Prior to that, he spent 7 years in the Anti-Cancer group at Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis under Dr. P. Dan Cook. Several of those years were spent working on a National Cancer Institute's grant contracting the synthesis of priority leads. It was during those years that Dr. Berry learned a simple lesson: pretty isn't always the way to go, and sometimes it is just necessary to roll up one's sleeves to move the chemistry forward. During his career, Dr. Berry has published 15 manuscripts and is an inventor on 9 patents. Dr. Berry dedicated his business objectives toward utilizing the Berry Team's experience to deliver specialty chemical reagents in a timely fashion to advance research in the life sciences. Despite Dave's unexpected passing on July 1, 2011 as a result of a bicycle accident, the legacy he established at Berry & Associates will continue. The Berry team remains committed to the timely delivery of high quality reagents for life science research.

The Berry Leadership Team includes:

Lana Berry, Owner, Co-Founder. Ms. Berry has been a co-owner of Berry & Associates since its founding in 1988. Ms. Berry put her business degree to work and officially joined the staff in 1997 taking on the responsibilities of human resource oversight, regulatory compliance and benefit administration. Ms. Berry's prior experience includes 25 years with the University of Michigan Health System. Ms. Berry's career began as a Staff Development Associate, and then transitioned into a role as Manager of Training and Development. Ultimately, Ms. Berry served as the Director for the Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Corporate Lead Facilitator for the Quality Management Program.

Dr. John C. Hodges, Executive Director of Chemistry and Business Development. Dr. Hodges joined the company in March, 2005 as Vice President of Chemistry after 22 years in the pharmaceutical industry.   Dr. Hodges has held a variety of both research and management positions at Warner-Lambert’s Parke-Davis Research facility in Ann Arbor, MI where over the years he was Director of Exploratory Chemistry, Sr. Director of Combinatorial Chemistry, and Sr. Director of Cardiovascular and Inflammation Chemistry.  Following the merger with Pfizer, he directed a multi-million dollar research collaboration between Pfizer and Discovery Partners International.  Dr. Hodges has published over 50 papers and 30 patents that span a broad range of topics in medicinal and organic chemistry.  He is best known to organic and combinatorial chemists for his pioneering work in the area of polymer-supported scavengers for simple and rapid separation of excess reactants from desired reaction products.  In his spare time, Dr. Hodges is a member of the Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Foundation, which organizes a highly renowned annual scientific conference.

Dr. Nancy S. Barta, Executive Director of Research and Development. Dr. Barta joined the company in 2008 as Director of Research and Development after 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Barta started her career as a process chemist working at Merck Process in Rahway, New Jersey. After moving back to Michigan, Dr. Barta became a medicinal chemist at Warner Lambert/Pfizer spending 9 years in neuroscience research. Dr. Barta held a variety of research and management positions, including Director of Neuroscience and Inflammation Chemistry. Dr. Barta has published over 20 papers and is an inventor on 7 patents/applications that span a broad range of topics in medicinal and organic chemistry. In her spare time, Dr. Barta serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Medicinal Chemistry Department at the University of Michigan, and as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry.

Julie Olson, Executive Director of Finance. Ms. Olson joined Berry & Associates in 1996 as manager of Business Administration. Prior to joining the team, Ms. Olson spent 14 years at Comshare with increasing levels of responsibility for accounting, budgeting, auditing and financial reporting. After serving as Director of Financial Operations at Comshare, Ms. Olson started her career at Berry & Associates where she now provides corporate oversight for all financial operations.

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