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PY 7715
Product Information Molecular Structure


Notes: Inhibits cytidine deaminase and DNA cytosine methyltransferase.

Description: Phosphoramidite also available. See Zebularine CEP.
Review: Marquez, V. E. et al., Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids, 2005, 24, 305-318. Induces and sustains DNA cytosine demethylation in human cancer cells. Cheng JC, Weisenberger DJ, Gonzales FA, Liang G, Xu GL, Hu YG, Marquez VE, Jones PA, Mol. Cell Biol. 2004 24 1270-8.

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MF: C9H12N2O5

MW: 228.19

CAS NO: 3690-10-6

Storage Conditions: 5 oC



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