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FL 1710
Product Information Molecular Structure

Fluorous 5'-fluorescein CEP

Notes:  Useful for the introduction of fluorescein and a permanently-attached fluorous tail which allows the isolation of all oligonucleotides that bear the fluorescein moiety.

Description: Dyes such as fluorescein are often introduced into oligonucleotides using a non-DMT-bearing phosphoramidite such as 5'-Fluorescein CEP ("6-FAM", BA 0054), which places a 6-carboxyfluorescein residue at the 5'-terminus and does not allow further extension. We now offer Fluorous 5'-fluorescein CEP ("Fluorous 6-FAM", FL 1710), where a permanently-attached fluorous tail is present, allowing the isolation of all oligonucleotides that bear a fluorescein moiety using fluorous or reversed-phase adsorbents. The fluorous tail may also enhance contact quenching with hydrophobic quenchers, especially those that have fluorous tails.

For more information, download a Product Information sheet.

Learn about fluorous affinity purification of oligonucleotides here. Download a brief overview here.

Fluorous 5'-fluorescein CEP
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MF: C53H55F17N3O10P

MW: 1247.96

CAS NO: 1026807-03-3

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry, dark



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