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FD 13001
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Diazaindacene N-hydroxysuccinimide ester

Notes: A useful fluorophore exhibiting an emission maxiumum at 530-535 nm, a large Stokes shift, and a high quantum yield.

Description: Lightner and co-workers1-3 reported the synthesis and spectroscopic properties of fluorophores based on the 3a,4a-diazaindacene ring system ("xanthglows"). Key properties include a high quantum yield (>0.9) and a large Stokes shift (>100 nm). Berry & Associates offers an amine-reactive version, Diazaindacene NHS Ester, for incorporation of the diazaindacene fluorophore into biomolecules.

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Spectroscopic properties: The absorption maximum of the corresponding carboxylic acid is reported to be 425 nm in methanol, extinction coefficient = 15,300. The emission maximum of the carboxylic acid is 535 nm in methanol with a quantum yield of 0.91.1 When installed onto a 5'-amino-modified oligonucleotide,4 the absorption and emission maxima appear at 430 nm and 530 nm, respectively, in aqueous MgCl2/KCl/Tris-HCl (pH 8.0). For comparison, an analogous TET-labeled oligonucleotide showed absorption and emission maxima at 522 nm and 538 nm, respectively.

1. Brower, J. O.; Lightner, D. A. J. Org. Chem. 2002, 67, 2713-2716.

2. Boiadjiev, S. E.; Lightner, D. A. J. Phys. Org. Chem. 2004, 17, 675-679.

3. Woydziak, Z. R.; Boiadjiev, S. E.; Norona, W. S.; McDohagh, A. F.; Lightner, D. A. J. Org. Chem. 2005, 70, 8417-8423.

4. We thank Professor Salvatore A. E. Marras for these data.

Diazaindacene <em>N</em>-hydroxysuccinimide ester
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MF: C21H21N3O6

MW: 411.41

CAS NO: 1027512-35-1

Storage Conditions: 5 oC, dry, dark



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1,3,6-trimethyl-s-indacen-2-yl-acetic acid, N-
hydroxysuccinimide ester
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