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BT 1015
Product Information Molecular Structure

D-(+)-Biotin-tyramine amide

Description: D-(+)-Biotin-tyramine amide (BT 1015, also called biotinphenol) is used as a labeling probe for intracellular proteins in the proteomic mapping of the mitochondrial matrix.1 The tyramide functionality enables high density biotin labeling of nucleic acid sequences or proteins through the catalytic activity of horseradish peroxidase. This approach can provide increased sensitivity compared to traditional avidin-biotinylated enzyme complex approaches.2

1. Rhee, H.-W.; Zou, P.; Udeshi, N.D.; Martell, J.D.; Mootha, V.K.; Carr, S.A. Science, 2013, 339, 1328-1331.

2. a) Bobrow, M.N.; Harris, T.D.; Shaughnessy, K.J.; Litt, G.L. J. Immun. Methods 1989, 125, 279-285. b) Speel, E.J.M.; Hopman, A.N.H.; Komminoth, P.J. Histochem & Cytochem, 1999, 47, 281-288.

D-(+)-Biotin-tyramine amide
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MF: C18H25N3O3S

MW: 363.47

CAS NO: 41994-02-9

Storage Conditions: 5 oC



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Biotin phenol
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