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BA 0423
Product Information Molecular Structure


Notes:  A phosphoramidite for the incorporation of a residue that mimics protonated cytosine for studies on triple helix formation.


Triplex technology is a valuable means of studying the mechanisms of DNA repair, gene regulation, DNA damage, recombination and mutagenesis.1 Dervan et al. introduced N7 deoxyguanosine for triple helix formation with GC base pairs.2,3 Their work showed that pyrimidine oligonucleotides with N7 dG bound to GC base pairs with high specificity. Our N7 dG CEP can be used to incorporate this important base modification into oligonucleotides for functional studies.

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1.Murkherjee, A.; Vasquez, K.M. Biochimie, 2011 93(8), 11971208.

2. Hunziker, J., Priestley, E.S., Brunar, H. and Dervan, P.B. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1995, 117, 26612662.

3. Brunar, H.; Dervan, P.B. Nucleic Acids Res.1996, 24(11), 1987-1991.

<em>N<sup>7</sup></em> dG CEP
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MF: C44H54N7O8P

MW: 839.93

CAS NO: 180634-30-4

Storage Conditions: dry, -20 C, dark



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