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BA 0420
Product Information Molecular Structure

Caged Strand-Breaker II CEP

Notes:  Once BA 0420 is installed into an oligonucleotide, irradiation at 365 nm causes strand cleavage, leaving a phosphate group on the 5-terminus and a hydroxyl residue on the 3-terminus.


The introduction of nicks in DNA may be accomplished using photolabile nucleotides or nucleotide surrogates, resulting in so-called "caged strand-breaks".1 Various non-nucleosidic monomers have been developed for this purpose.2-7 Caged Strand-Breaker CEP II (BA 0420) facilitates implementation of this strategy, giving rise to daughter strands with a phosphate group on the 5-terminus and a hydroxyl residue on the 3-terminus.

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Caged Strand-Breaker II CEP
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MF: C47H53N4O10P

MW: 864.93

CAS NO: 2089442-43-1

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C, dark



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Photolabile Phosphoramidite II
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