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BA 0413
Product Information Molecular Structure

Nap-dU CEP

Notes: BA 0413 is phosphoramidite for the incorporation of functional diversity into oligonucleotides for aptamer research.

Description: Substitution at the 5-position of pyrimidines provides a tool for aptamer applications whose substitution variation does not interfere with base paring. Nap-dU CEP (BA 0413) has been shown to contain a modified sidechain that imparts exceptional thermodynamic and kinetic stability which results in tight binding and slow dissociations rates.1 Nap-dU CEP can be efficiently incorporated into oligonucleotides using standard protocols.

For more information, download a Product Information Sheet for BA 0413 here.

References 1. Gelinas, A.D.; Davies, D.R.; Edwards, T.E.; Rohloff, J.C.; Carter, J.D.; Zhang, C.; Gupta, S.; Ishikawa, Y.; Hiroto, M.; Nakaishi, Y.; Jarvis, T.C.; Janjic, N. J. Biol. Chem. 2014, 289(12/), 8720-8734.

Nap-dU CEP
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MF: C51H56N5O9P

MW: 914.01

CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: -20 C, dark, dry



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