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BA 0403
Product Information Molecular Structure

1,N2-Etheno-dG CEP

Notes: This phosphoramidite allows incorporation of an etheno bridged dG moiety internally or at the 5 end of an oligonucleotide.

Description: The etheno bridged ring system results from the reaction of vinyl halide and other vinyl monomer electrophiles with dG, dC or dA nucleotides in DNA.1 Research has shown that the 1,N2etheno dG is mutagenic in both E. coli and mammalian cells. 2 The structure of duplex DNA containing 1,N2etheno dG has been studied and shown to hinder canonical Watson-Crick H-bonding.2-4.

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1,<em>N<sup>2</sup></em>-Etheno-dG CEP
Product Details Product Pricing

MF: C63H66N7O9P

MW: 1096.23

CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: -20 C, dark, dry



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