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BA 0393
Product Information Molecular Structure

7-Deaza-7-(2,3-diacetoxypropyl)-dG CEP


This phosphoramidite allows for efficient incorporation of modifiable nucleosides for the formation of interstrand cross links.


DNA interstrand crosslinks (ICLs) prevent DNA strand separation, which in turn inhibits transcription and replication. Many currently used chemotherapeutic agents achieve efficacy via ICL induction, and the study of ICL repair mechanisms and their role in the sensitization of cancer cells and the development of new cancers is an emerging area of research.1 As reported by Angelov and coworkers,2 tools for the preparation of defined ICL adducts are not readily available. 7-Deaza-7-(2,3-diacetoxypropyl)-dG CEP can be used for the site-specific introduction of ICL precursor nucleosides into opposing strands of DNA.

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7-Deaza-7-(2,3-diacetoxypropyl)-dG CEP
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MF: C52H65N6O12P

MW: 997.10

CAS NO: 1111664-09-5

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C



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