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BA 0351
Product Information Molecular Structure

Thiol-modifier-oxa-6-S-S CPG

Notes: Superior thiol modifier giving higher yields and longer oligos.


We have discovered that DNA synthesis is markedly enhanced by including ether functionality in the alkyl chain of the disulfide. Both superior oligo yield and greater maximum synthesis length are thereby achieved. We now offer Thiol-modifier-oxa-6-S-S CPG (BA 0351) as an alternative for 3'-thiol modification in oligonucleotides.

For more information, download a Product Information Sheet for BA 0351 here, or see our April 2010 Newsletter.

Thiol-modifier-oxa-6-S-S CPG
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CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C, dark


Stock maintained. Ships within 1-3 days.

Unit Weight Unit Price Quantity
200 nmol columns (pkg of 4) $69.00
100 mg $70.00
1µmol columns (pkg of 4) $115.00
1 g $500.00
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