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BA 0347
Product Information Molecular Structure

5-(Furan-2-yl)-dC CEP

Notes: Small, fluorescent natural base mimic that can be used as an in vitro signal the presence of G, 8-oxoG, or T on a complementary strand in hybridized DNA oligonucleotides.


Tor and co-workers have reported on the preparation and photophysical characteristics of a number of small, fluorescent isosteric nucleosides that are capable of normal Watson-Crick base paring in unaltered duplexes.1-6 These probes are useful tools for studying nucleic acid sequence, structure, dynamics and recognition. BA 0347 is the phosphoramidite of one such nucleoside.1,2 This probe is a minimally disruptive fluorescent dC analog that can be used in vitro for analysis of oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species.6 When incorporated into an oligonucleotide and hybridized, BA 0347 can photophysically distinguish between G, 8-oxoG, or T on the complementary strand. When paired with 8-oxoG, which is the major mutagenic product of oxidative damage, significant emission quenching is observed. When paired with T, the transversion mutation resulting from failure to repair the oxidation, enhanced emission is observed from BA 0347.

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5-(Furan-2-yl)-dC CEP
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MF: C50H54N5O9P

MW: 899.97

CAS NO: 1119734-65-4

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C



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N4-Benzoyl-5-(furan-2-yl)-dC CEP

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