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BA 0345
Product Information Molecular Structure

Carbazole dT CEP

Notes: For use as a light-controlled, reversible DNA photoligation tool.


Template-directed DNA ligation has multiple potential biotechnological applications.1-4 The research of Fujimoto, Saito and coworkers have illustrated the utility of 5-vinyldeoxyuridine5a and a carbazole-tethered 5-carboxyvinyldeoxyuridine5b for photo induced non-enzymatic chemical DNA ligation. This carbazole-tethered analog (BA 0345) gives a photo ligation system where ligation and splitting (at 366 nm) can be repeated without damage to the normal DNA. Data suggests that the carbazole group intercalates in the duplex formed when photo ligation takes place in the presence of template DNA. This intercalation prevents photo induced splitting when in the duplex form, allowing control of the ligation/splitting based on the presence or absence of the template DNA strand. Our Carbazole dT CEP (BA 0345) provides an efficient way to form carbazole-tethered vinyl dU containing oligonucleotides.

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Carbazole dT CEP
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MF: C62H72N7O10P

MW: 1106.26

CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C



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Alternate Name: 

Carbazole dT phosphoramidite
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