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BA 0321
Product Information Molecular Structure

Cross-coupler-C6-dT CEP

Notes:  This phosphoramidite may be used for the installation of a p-bromocarboxamide into an oligonucleotide internally or at the 5'-terminus. Potentially useful for the site-specific modification of an oligonucleotide via transition metal-mediated cross-coupling.

Description: Cross-coupler-C6-dT CEP (BA 0321) allows the incorporation of a nucleotide containing an aryl bromide for post-synthetic modification via transition metal-mediated cross-coupling, e.g., using a Sonogashira coupling. A longer tether is employed in order to remove the sterically-demanding palladium chemistry further from the oligonucleotide. For more information, download a Product Information sheet.

Cross-coupler-C6-dT CEP
Product Details Product Pricing

MF: C55H66BrN6O10P

MW: 1082.04

CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: -20oC, Dry



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