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BA 0303
Product Information Molecular Structure

6-Aza-dU CEP

Notes:  6-Aza-dU CEP enables incorporation of an N3-o-anisoyl protected 6-aza-dU residue into oligonucleotides. The stability, conformation, and metal chelating characteristics of nucleotides containing 6-aza-dU residues differ from those with dU residues.

Description: As compared to dU residues, 6-aza-dU nucleotides are deprotonated at neutral pH, have enhanced 3'-exonuclease stability, and exhibit a high-anti glycosidic bond conformation and N-type sugar pucker. DNA duplexes containing 6-aza-dU-dA base pairs have been studied and are less stable than T-dA base pairs at neutral pH due to deprotonation of the N3 hydrogen on 6-aza-dU. However, at lower pH, duplex stability increases as N3 becomes protonated and therefore able to hydrogen bond to dA. Metal-DNA (M-DNA) complexes are formed at neutral pH rather than at higher pH as is the case for canonical DNA.

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(1) Seela, F.; Chittepu, P. J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 4358-4366.

6-Aza-dU CEP
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MF: C46H52N5O10P

MW: 865.91

CAS NO: 909782-90-7

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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Alternate Name: 

6-Aza-2'-deoxyuridine CEP

Alternate Name: 

6-Aza dU phosphoramidite
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