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BA 0281
Product Information Molecular Structure

2'-O-Aminolinker-U CEP

Notes:  2'-O-Aminolinker-U CEP is a phosphoramidite that enables the incorporation of a uridine residue that allows tethering of a reporter group to the 2' oxygen of uridine via an amine.


We offer three uridine-based amino-modifiers for the synthesis of amine-modified RNA, Amino-modifier-C6-U CEP (BA 0247), 5-Aminoallyl-U CEP (BA 0269), and 2'-O-Aminolinker-U CEP (BA 0281). If tethering a reporter group to the 2' oxygen of uridine via an amine is preferred, 2'-O-Aminolinker-U CEP offers an alternative to 2'-aminouridine and 2'-O-(2-aminoethoxy)uridine. Placing the amino group farther from the sugar ring may be advantageous in post-synthetic acylation reactions. Coupling is accomplished using normal dilution and protocols for RNA, i.e., 12 minute coupling time.

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2'-<em>O</em>-Aminolinker-U CEP
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MF: C45H55F3N5O11P

MW: 929.91

CAS NO: None Assigned

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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