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BA 0264
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Pyridin-2-one riboside CEP

Notes: Modified pyrimidine phosphoramidite used for probing ribozyme catalytic activity.

Description: Beigelman and co-workers have carried out structure-activity studies on hammerhead ribozymes by substituting modified pyrimidines at various positions, where profound effects on ribozyme catalytic activity have been observed.1 Pyridin-2-one Riboside CEP2 was found to be useful in these studies, providing alterations in syn/anti nucleobase orientation, ribose puckering, and stacking ability due to dipole changes.1-4 For more information, download a Product Information Sheet.

(1) Beigelman, L.; Matulic-Adamic, J.; Karpeisky, A.; Haeberli, P.; Sweedler, D. Methods in Enzymology2000, 317, 39-65.
(2) Matulic-Adamic, J.; Gonzalez, C.; Usman, N.; Beigelman, L. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.1996, 6, 373-378.
(3) Baidya, N.; Ammons, G. E.; Matulic-Adamic, J.; Karpeisky, A. M.; Beigelman, L.; Uhlenbeck, O. C. RNA1997, 3, 1135-1142.
(4) Burgin, A. B., Jr.; Gonzalez, C.; Matulic-Adamic, J.; Karpeisky, A. M.; Usman, N.; McSwiggen, J. A.; Beigelman, L. Biochemistry1996, 35, 14090-14097.

Pyridin-2-one riboside CEP
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MF: C46H62N3O8PSi

MW: 844.06

CAS NO: 179915-57-2

Storage Conditions: -20 C, dry



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