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BA 0262
Product Information Molecular Structure

5'-Amino-modifier-C12-DMT CEP

Notes: An amino-modifier phosphoramidite with an acid-labile DMT protecting group.

Description: The installation of an amino-modifier at the 5'-terminus of an oligonucleotide provides, via amide bond formation, a handle for the attachment of a variety of chemical species. If purification of the amine-modified oligonucleotide is desired, it is common to employ an MMT group on the amine. The lipophilicity of the MMT group aids in reversed-phase purification techniques and may also be useful for assaying the coupling yield. For applications where acid sensitivity is an issue, we offer 5'-Amino-modifier-C12-DMT CEP, which uses the more acid-labile DMT protecting group. Amine-modified oligonucleotides have been synthesized using closely related DMT-bearing amino-modifier phosphoramidites.1,2 Coupling: Use standard protocols; extended coupling times are not required.

(1) Sinha, N. D.; Cook, R. M. Nucleic Acids Res.1988, 16, 2659-2669.
(2) Guar, R. K. Nucleosides & Nucleotides1991, 10, 895-909.

5'-Amino-modifier-C12-DMT CEP
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MF: C42H62N3O4P

MW: 703.94

CAS NO: 1027512-19-1

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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