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BA 0212
Product Information Molecular Structure

3-Deaza-3-methyl-dA CEP


3-Deaza-3-methyl-dA is a stable phosphoramidite analog of  N3-methyladenine (3MeA). 


3-Deaza-3-methyl-adenine has been shown to be a stable analog of  N3-methyladenine (3MeA) which is the major cytotoxic lesion formed in DNA by methylating agents. 3-Deaza-3-methyl-dA CEP (BA 0212) can be used to incorporate this important, stable analog into synthetic oligonucleotides.1

3MeA is unstable and is converted to an abasic site which has made rigorous proof of its role in cytotoxicity elusive.The use of 3-deaza-3-methyl-dA in oligonucleotides for replication assays has provided the most direct evidence to date showing that 3MeA is a significant block to two of the main replicases in eukaryotes.1 These studies also showed that the Y-family polymerases are capable of bypassing the modified base in vitro.

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The nucleoside 3-deaza-3-methyl-2'-deoxyadenosine (CA reg. no. 515815-12-0), which is fixed in the anti conformation, is also known.2 

1. Plosky, B. S.; Frank, E. G.; Berry, D. A.; Vennall, G. P.; McDonald, J. P.; Woodgate, R.  Nucleic Acids Res. 2008, 36, 2152-2162.

2. Irani, R. J.; SantaLucia, J., Jr. Nucleosides, Nucleotides, and Nucleic Acids, 2002, 21, 737-751.

3-Deaza-3-methyl-dA CEP
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MF: C56H59N6O8P

MW: 975.08

CAS NO: 1031750-37-4

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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