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Fluoro-Pak™ and Fluoro-Pak™ II Columns

Berry & Associates' Fluoro-Pak adsorbent has fluorinated organic groups bound to a pH-stable polymeric resin and is ideal for the purification of fluorous-tagged oligonucleotides.  Multiple pore and particle sizes have been evaluated in order to provide optimal performance with reasonable back-pressure. 

Please note: Fluoro-Pak columns must be used with fluorous-tagged oligonucleotides; they are not designed for normal DMT-on purifications. Further, Fluoro-Pak™ columns were designed specifically for the fluorous purification of oligonucleotides and have not been validated for other uses.

Two columns are available:

Fluoro-Pak™ Columns (# FP-7210, pack of 10).  Each column contains 75 mg of adsorbent, and may be used for up to 0.2 micromole purifications. 

Fluoro-Pak™ II Columns (# FP-7220, pack of 10).  Each column contains 150 mg of adsorbent, and are designed for 1 micromole purifications.

Both columns use 3 mL tubes with an open top and a male Luer fitting at the bottom.  A snap-in female Luer adaptor for the top of the column is available for users who wish to employ a syringe for elution. Add "-A" to the part number if a Luer adaptor is required.

For efficient binding of the fluorous-tagged oligonucleotide to the Fluoro-Pak™ columns, a loading buffer is required. This may be purchased from Berry & Associates, or prepared according to the instructions in the User Guide.


Catalog No.
Price (USD)
Fluoro-Pak™ columns
Pack of 10

(with Luer adaptor)

Pack of 10
Fluoro-Pak™ II columns
Pack of 10
(with Luer adaptor)
Pack of 10
Loading Buffer
200 mL


Please inquire for bulk adsorbent or alternate column formats.


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